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Here's a few frequently asked questions that may help you if you're new to Hey Clear.

At Hey Clear, we provide cost-conscious, professional, and discreet clearance services, including house clearances, hazardous waste removal, and office clearances.


Our multi-award-winning waste management and clearance services are designed to make the clearance process for homes and commercial properties as easy for you as possible, delivering a responsible and detailed approach to locations across the UK. For more information or to book an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact our team now.

Everything we collect from our clients when carrying out commercial waste collection or house cleaning services returns to our facility, where we process and screen all items, ensuring we can reduce as much waste as possible. Anything able to be reused or rehomed goes into our warehouse and is either donated to our various charities or sold to a good home.


By simply managing the items we collect from our clients, we can offer competitive prices & reduce client costs.

Once our warehouse team confirms that all items have been removed for reuse, our experts work to separate material grades into the correct categories, i.e., wood / metals / plastics and textiles. These materials are then bulked and recycled for onward processing, with items that cannot be recycled being incinerated via a high-temperature incinerator, producing new energy.

Here at Hey Clear, we work hard to ensure that our service offerings are as cost-effective and environmentally friendly as possible, not only helping our clients but also the environment at the same time.

If you aren’t able to take photos or list your items due to the volume or if you are not in the same area as the house or property, that is absolutely fine.

You can arrange a site visit by contacting our team now, allowing us to accurately price the work and take the hassle out of the clearance process. Arranging an initial site visit with our team is free with no obligation, giving you more freedom and flexibility.

We have various payment methods available, taking payments both over the phone when booking or when completing the work. Our team has card machines onboard, which are contactless with chip and pin, or if preferred, we can send a link to accept Bank transfers.


Commercial and industrial customers can apply for our credit terms. For more information on how much our services cost, request your free, no-obligation quote online now.

We understand that items can be missed and requirements can change from time to time, with our team being more than willing to assist on the day when adding items before moving to our facilities.


Our friendly collection team will re-confirm the price and once agreed, will add this to your invoice. Alternatively, if you want to remove items, that isn’t a problem, as these can be deducted from your invoice.

Still have more questions? Call one of our super helpful team members and we’ll be happy to help.

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