Do Landlords Have To Clean Between Tenants?

A question often asked by tenants across the country is, do landlords have to clean between tenants in the UK? In this article, we discuss the responsibilities of both landlords and tenants when coming to the end of a tenancy agreement and explore how Hey Clear can simplify the process on both ends of the scale.


The time between tenants can be different depending on the landlords, with some opting to take their time, potentially re-decorate and get their properties in order. Others prefer a quicker turnaround and want a new tenancy to begin as soon as possible.

Who's Responsible For Ensuring A Property Is Clean By The End Of A Tenancy?

When a tenancy ends on a flat, house or any form of rental space, the property needs to be clean and ready to be occupied by the next tenant. Typically, there is some understanding between a tenant and a landlord in the tenancy agreement on the expectation and standard of cleanliness a property needs to be left in by a tenant upon the expiry of their contract.


As a tenant, you’re required to leave the property you were renting in a reasonable condition, meeting clean and tidy standards. Just as you would expect when moving into a new property, you should endeavour to leave properties in the same condition as when you moved in, ensuring it is inhabitable and ready for use.

Are Landlords Allowed To Charge Tenants For Cleaning?

As mentioned, end-of-tenancy cleaning can be confusing for landlords and tenants, but landlords are not allowed to charge tenants for end-of-tenancy cleaning.


However, we’re sure you’ll know if you’ve ever rented a property before, landlords will make several decisions that can result in money being withheld from your security deposit, typically used towards cleaning or repair costs.


At Hey Clear, we provide industry-leading house clearances and end-of-tenancy cleaning services, which will help remove the tension about whether you receive your security deposit back. We complete our jobs to your exacting specifications, leaving your rental property spotless and ensuring you’ll get your security deposit back.

How Hey Clear Can Help Landlords & Tenants

Now we have answered the initial question of ‘Do landlords have to clean between tenants in the UK?’ It’s time to discover how the Hey Clear team can help landlords and tenants alike.


As experts in all aspects of clearance, cleaning, and waste management services, we have worked with landlords and tenants, completing countless jobs to the satisfaction of both and ensuring everyone leaves the situation happy.

Landlord Services

As a landlord, you may thoroughly clean each property between tenants, ensuring an immaculate and professional finish, or you may determine whether the job done by the previous tenants is satisfactory. 

Our cleaning services include multiple types of cleaning, including:

  • Sparkle cleans
  • Builder cleans
  • Deep cleans
  • Carpet cleans
  • Oven cleans
  • Communal flat cleans

We are the go-to destination for domestic and commercial property cleaning in the South, completing multiple jobs across London and Hampshire each week. Furthermore, we adopt a responsible and environmentally friendly approach to all our projects, reusing, rehoming, and recycling all items where possible, allowing us to offer competitive prices for all our clients.

Tenant Services

As we previously mentioned, as a tenant, you must ensure your property is left in the same condition that it was handed to you. It is up to you to decide the chosen cleaning method, whether you do the cleaning yourself or if you use a professional house cleaning provider.


If you choose to complete your end-of-tenancy cleaning yourself, you still run the risk of missing specific spots or misjudging the standard to which you have cleaned, resulting in your landlord withholding your deposit. You can eradicate this risk by employing a specialist cleaning provider like Hey Clear, with years of experience dealing with landlords and tenants, knowing the standards that a property should be left in and whether a tenant has done enough to keep their deposit.


Our team will carefully and delicately clean the property you are moving from, working to your requirements to clean, move or disregard items. For more information on our house cleaning services, contact our team today or request a free quote online.

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